Tiger Tracks

Europe Bound

Marco Reifsteck, Staff Reporter

May 28, 2015

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It’s been four years since SHS’s last band trip to Europe; this is a trip where kids involved in the band and orchestra program have a chance to travel to Europe during their spring break. Not only do the students get travel,...

Earth Day 2015

Earth Day 2015

April 27, 2015

Scholarship Night

Scholarship Night

April 15, 2015

Did SNL go too far?

March 16, 2015

The SHS GPA Workgroup

Rhiannon Myers, Staff Reporter

December 16, 2014

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Since the start of Summit High's 2014 school year, staff, parents, SHS representatives, and community scholarship sponsors have been working to explain standards based grading, better GPA calculations, examine student profile...

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