Tiger Tracks

Homecoming 2017

Ilanna Deluca and Taylor Fogh

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This time of year is one of the most important to high school students. It is the time of year to get ready for all the fun activities that Summit High has to offer, such as homecoming. Homecoming has a different theme each year, with some past themes including enchanted forest, masquerade ball, and Greek. However, nowadays students are finding homecoming cliché.

During our interviews we have found that underclassmen have been attending homecoming more than the older students. Some of our sources said, “It’s dumb,” and that they would much rather spend money to attend prom. Also mentioned was that prom has more to offer, like after prom, and a more formal location. Homecoming has also been given a rather displeasing reputation, as some of our sources say that it can become “inappropriate and provocative.”

Dances at the school are a big part of what students look forward to when they get into high school. Homecoming and prom should be attended at least once in a student’s life, as they offer new experiences. The dances are meant to be fun and for students to have a good time. If you plan on attending homecoming make the best out of it and have fun.


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Homecoming 2017