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Breckenridge Film Festival

Taylor Fogh, Journalist

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Breckenridge Film Festival is a widely anticipated event that many wait for in Summit County. The Breckenridge Film Festival welcomes 60 filmmakers from all around the world, showing films from a variety of cultures. There are many lessons and eye openers that these films provide. 

One film that was there was amazing. From the Ashes is a film about the coal industry in a future with Trump in power. There are parts where there are stories from individuals that tell their own stories of how the war on coal is affecting them. Much of the film was filled with heartbreaking experiences.

The film really does open eyes of many and even opened their eyes to a whole new world that they did not know existed. There are many things in these films that should be seen and not be told about so it does not ruin the surprise. It is strongly recommend that everyone in Summit County should go to one of the Breckenridge Film Festivals.

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