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DREAMers In Summit County

Molly Caldwell, Politics

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In 2012, former President Barack Obama, initiated an act called “Deferred Action for Child Arrivals,” or DACA. DACA provides two-year protection against deportation policies in the United States and time to either work or attend school. According to data released by U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services, 790,000 undocumented immigrants, or ‘DREAMers’, have received DACA. It is difficult to say how many Dreamers live in Summit County, but a local immigration attorney, Karen Santric, presumes around 200.

President Trump and his administration recently announced that they will be ending the DACA program. This puts the nearly 800,000 immigrants at risk for deportation, despite being legal during the last administration. According to President Trump at a recent ABC news interview ,“They are here illegally. They shouldn’t be very worried. I do have a big heart. We’re going to take care of everybody. We’re going to have a very strong border.”

Despite the DACA program ending, there is still hope. There are multiple bills pending in Congress supported by both Republicans and Democrats. There are many things that could result in the Congress taking hold of this decision, but there is a possibility that a bill could be passed that helps DREAMers before their protection from deportation expires. President Trump is also coming closer to making a deal with Democrats that could protect the DACA holders.

This is a very real concern for some DREAMers in Summit County. Many of these children came here as young as a few months old and know nothing other than the U.S. They do not go without support, though. AP World History and U.S History teacher Jotwan Daniels says, “I just think that America, being the land of opportunity traditionally, that we should try to continue to offer people that aren’t citizens that want to be citizens an opportunity to get a piece of the pie.”

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DREAMers In Summit County