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Smoke and Haze Around Summit County

Caiden Bretz, Ian Connors

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Recently, Summit County has been experiencing haze from nearby wildfires. Three wildfires close to Hayden, Colorado, the Deep Creek, the Big Red, and the Pine Tree have been taking the effort of many firefighters who are attempting to contain them. The smoke from these fires have also moved away from Hayden and into other counties such as Summit County, causing health problems.

These three fires, ignited from lightning strikes, have burnt much of the dead timber and sagebrush in the area around Hayden. The Denver Post stated that the three fires have engulfed over 10,900 acres of the dried forest.

The local counties have not been the only places affected by the wildfires. Smoke from the three fires have travelled across Colorado. Although the fires have been physically harming, they are also changing the scenery in other towns. The smoke has caused the moon to become a tinted red color and the sun to be a vibrant red. During the day, the smoke has caused a hazy ambiance to settle in the hills.

After interviews with Summit County locals, many of them have been shocked by the recent haze. When asked about his initial reaction to the fire, Mr. Daniels, a teacher at Summit High School explained he was, “shocked a little bit. I remember last week, like, driving in the morning and noticing I couldn’t see the views I was used to.” Differing from Mr. Daniels opinion, Summit High School student, Jacob Przekota, when asked if the haze was aesthetically affecting Summit County, stated that the haze is, “giving us beautiful sunsets and sunrises in general.” It seems that some prefer the sheer beauty of the sun over the general health of the state.  

As a result of the smoke around Colorado, the Summit Tigers Junior Varsity football game was cancelled. The game was supposed to be played in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, which is about 25 miles from Hayden, Colorado. Nick Christman, a player on the Summit J.V. team, shared a very passionate response to the cancellation, “It was really disappointing we cancelled the second game of our season.”

The haze in the area has also been causing illness in some of the local club soccer players. Mr Daniels, who also coaches club soccer, said, “A lot of my soccer players have been getting sick, and I think a lot of it is due to being exposed to the filth in the air.”

The smoke from other fires have been affecting the local communities by requiring firefighters to battle them, and keeping everyone else advised to the fact that fire danger is a very serious problem in Colorado.  


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Smoke and Haze Around Summit County