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The Trump Administration

Rudy Burki

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The current administration is a hot topic right now. Everyone has an opinion on why Trump is good or bad, so let’s focus on promises Trump made  during his campaign what he has done to come through on those.

Let’s start by looking at the promises Trump made that he either has not made any progress on or has completely abandoned. He made many goals on banning Muslims from the jump, but when it came to following through, some of our laws and constitutional rights got in the way. Also, Trump wanted to get out of NATO, saying he was tired of ‘Paying their bills.’ Since he became president, he has abandoned that idea completely, and is now stressing NATO’s importance. He also talked about rebuilding the U.S. infrastructure. He has made steps to do that, but no on-paper progress has been made.

Now, the things Trump has delivered on. During his campaign, Trump called climate change a hoax, and proved his belief by pulling out of the Paris deal. He also wanted to “fix” NAFTA, and he has made many steps to improve on trade negotiations. Additionally, he promised to bomb ISIS, which he did. He has dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb seen to date.

Finally, the most important one everybody is concerned with, building a wall on the Mexican Border. So far, he has only partially completed this goal, but has made steps to do it, and has passed a bill on to Congress for the construction.

Although, he is often shown in a bad light, the positive of Trump is that he has made promises, but unlike most other candidates, he has followed through on most of them.

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The Trump Administration