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Summit High School Girls Rugby Team 2017 Season

PK Vincze

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Freshman Brighton Ferrari kicks off the game.

Summit’s rugby program has a long running track record as the thirteen-time Colorado state champion. Summit is determined to find ways to play and continue to grow as a team. This past fall, the league made the switch from 15s to 7s. This was a dramatic change as play went from 15 players on the field for 80 minutes to only 7 players in a game of speed for 14 minutes. This also made it difficult to some of the newer or less experienced 7s players, but several girls stepped up to help make the switch.

After the well known Green vs White Game, many players had to make the mental change from 15s to 7s to prepare for the regular season. On Summit Black, seniors like Cassidy Bargell, Erin Scott Williams and Kassidy Pothier started to unify forces and kept the many moving parts working in the same direction. All of these players and more were important during the 7s/15s balancing act.

Summit got its biggest push last year from Westside SWARM, a worthy, welcomed opponent. “Fort Collins and Chaparral aren’t a threat, our only problems are with SWARM and possibly a surprise breakout team,” says Nicole Kimball, a returning sophomore. Summit films games against every team to determine mistakes or improvements and determine what to practice to prepare for the weekend.

Ellie Young takes the ball up field.

Many of the newer players are starting to understand the game and develop their skills. Karl Barth explains, “I am always excited to watch the Green Team develop. There are some great young Student-Athletes in that group who are raw when it comes to rugby and to watch [their] exponential growth and understanding is always enjoyable for the coaches and [veteran] players.” They are the future of Summit and Barth and their teammates push each other to make themselves the best they can.

Senior Cassidy Bargell looks for space.



Summit is hosting their first home tournament on September 23, 2017. Play starts at 9:00 a.m. at Summit High School.

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Summit High School Girls Rugby Team 2017 Season