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Ridge Stimson
Hello, my name is Ridge Stimson and I’m a staff reporter for Tiger Tracks.  I really like to write about current day issues within the United States.  I also like to write about world issues as well, along with politics.  The topic that I mostly like to write about are sports or entertainment.  I am a Junior at Summit High School, and I mostly play sports and study.  I really love to play soccer, and watch football.  Traveling is my favorite thing to do.  I will contribute to SHS Tiger Tracks by writing interesting and intriguing stories that will bring in readers.  It won’t just inform the readers, but entertain them too.  I would like to be a professional athlete someday, but if that doesn’t happen then I want to go into the journalism business.  This relates to journalism because well, if I want to be a journalist when I get older than I’m pretty sure that relates to journalism.  Follow me on Instagram @ridge_stimson2

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Ridge Stimson, Staff Reporter

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